• A Tale of Wisdom Teeth Extraction for Siarra

    A Tale of Wisdom Teeth Extraction for Siarra

    Okay, let me tell you a god-awful story about keeping your wisdom teeth. My parents were divorced and my mom was on welfare so I was directed to a clinic to have the procedure done. I took a bus to […]

  • Chicago Maritime Festival, RIP:  List of Performers

    Chicago Maritime Festival, RIP: List of Performers

    Several years ago I maintained the web site for the Chicago Maritime Festival. It ceased operation after a fourteen year run – 2003 through 2016. There were a lot of amazing, domestic and international performers that graced the stages of […]

  • Three Years of Account Neglect

    Three Years of Account Neglect

    I have not written in this blog in three years. I am typically torn between being too busy to write and too troubled with the thought that narcissism drives one to write about their daily hair combing and nail clipping. […]

  • Forty Years.  Just like that!

    Forty Years. Just like that!

    I fear this message getting lost in the post-opening weekend of the 2016 Bristol Renaissance Faire Season, but I want to share an epiphany with all of my friends. Back when I was in high school in Chicago some friends of […]

  • Jon Winski & Family

    Looks Like I’ll Have to Change the Name of this Blog, Part II

    [Continued from Part I] So, on Saturday during Bounding Main’s 2:00 show I was interrupted during a song introduction by an audience member.  We have a pretty wacky and interactive group of fans (“Bounding Mainiacs”) and environmental theater is all about improvisation […]

  • Dane County EMS Honor Guard Certificate

    Looks Like I’ll Have to Change the Name of this Blog, Part I

    Let’s call this Part One of the story. In the various performances of the vocal group, Bounding Main, the rest of the vocalists will occasionally refer to me as “captain.”  It is as fictional a construct as the Elizabethan mariner […]

  • The Janesville Renaissance Faire. Photo by Stephen Geis.

    The Janesville Renaissance Faire

    For those of you that do not know it I am a performer in the vocal group, Bounding Main. We have been together for over twelve years, performing on stages across the Midwest United States but also in Quebec, the […]

  • Dean as Han Solo Oct. 29, 1977

    Throwback Thursday 5/14/2015

    Me as Han Solo in 1977.  This picture was at a Halloween party held in the basement of the parents of my best friend, Rudy Linke.  He and I had just graduated from Amundsen High School in Chicago and were in […]

  • Surrounded by Love

    $2 for a Friend on an Incredible Journey

    An excellent friend of mine has been battling with cancer.  Jonathon Leubner is more than a friend, he is the person that my vocal group has trusted to be our recording engineer for our last six projects.  His craftsmanship and skill have […]

  • Throwback Thursday 5/7/2015

    Me and my dad’s father, “Gramps.” Walter Calin Sr. had brought me a hat of my very own as I used to always pull his off of his head. The photo is marked 1962 but that may have been when […]


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