• Social History of English Seamen

    Amusing World

    I read, in Renaissance magazine,  a review of a book called The Social History of English Seamen, 1485-1649, edited by Cheryl A. Fury and published by The Boydell Press in 2012.  This book appears to be something that I would […]

  • 30 Pound Dumbbell

    Daily Exercises

    Almost every day I do push-ups:  3-5 sets of 60 reps.  That is between 180 to 300 push-ups per day.  If a push-up has me lift about half my weight (the other half supported by my feet) then I’m lifting […]

  • Life Hack #1

    Life Hack #1

    When sending an email you should summarize the message in the subject line.  It will make identifying and prioritizing emails much simpler for both you and the recipient.  If, in an email thread, you change the topic, change the subject […]

  • Harmonica


    When I was a kid my dad and my grandfather played the harmonica.  I don’t remember or couldn’t discern if they played it well but they did play it during late night family gatherings where liquor and music flowed late […]


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