• A Tale of Wisdom Teeth Extraction for Siarra

    A Tale of Wisdom Teeth Extraction for Siarra

    Okay, let me tell you a god-awful story about keeping your wisdom teeth. My parents were divorced and my mom was on welfare so I was directed to a clinic to have the procedure done. I took a bus to […]

  • Three Years of Account Neglect

    Three Years of Account Neglect

    I have not written in this blog in three years. I am typically torn between being too busy to write and too troubled with the thought that narcissism drives one to write about their daily hair combing and nail clipping. […]

  • Forty Years.  Just like that!

    Forty Years. Just like that!

    I fear this message getting lost in the post-opening weekend of the 2016 Bristol Renaissance Faire Season, but I want to share an epiphany with all of my friends. Back when I was in high school in Chicago some friends of […]

  • Dean as Han Solo Oct. 29, 1977

    Throwback Thursday 5/14/2015

    Me as Han Solo in 1977.  This picture was at a Halloween party held in the basement of the parents of my best friend, Rudy Linke.  He and I had just graduated from Amundsen High School in Chicago and were in […]

  • Throwback Thursday 5/7/2015

    Me and my dad’s father, “Gramps.” Walter Calin Sr. had brought me a hat of my very own as I used to always pull his off of his head. The photo is marked 1962 but that may have been when […]

  • Harmonica


    When I was a kid my dad and my grandfather played the harmonica.  I don’t remember or couldn’t discern if they played it well but they did play it during late night family gatherings where liquor and music flowed late […]


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