I have not written in this blog in three years. I am typically torn between being too busy to write and too troubled with the thought that narcissism drives one to write about their daily hair combing and nail clipping. One very troubling side effect of setting this living document aside for 36 months is that I’ve accumulated over 2,000 pieces of spam in my comments section. I have not discovered a way to mark them all as such, so I have about 120 pages to individually “mark all” then “mark as spam” then process. It is an onerous task that I am trying to manage as quickly as I can. Beyond that, I am also going through my entire contact database on Google Contacts. I am creating a list or maintenance, repair and overhaul contacts for a new newsletter for the company that I work for. I have over 4,000 contacts in total, and I’ve discovered that when creating them I was not always diligent about classifying them in correct groups, or I had created insufficient groups to cover the range of people that I know. I am up to the letter D after a week’s work and I’m hoping to dedicate more time to the task this weekend so I can get our first newsletter out next week.

This is one of the projects that I’ve been working on. I sold this 787 Wi-Fi Antenna Installation Gantry to Boeing for their Victorville, California Mod Center.

Rather than go on at length about things that I did or didn’t do in the last three years I will get back to cleaning up the files and then get out to the yard to mow, weed-wack, trim the bushes and blow the clippings to the street. All that is usually good for one trip to the gym!


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