Consider a marketing campaign as the plan to make everyone think of your company or product when they have a need or desire for a certain thing.  This is most easily demonstrated with consumer products:  when you have a cut you reach for a Band-Aid, if you need to grab a quick burger you snack on a Big Mac, if you sneeze you wipe your nose with a Kleenex.  It is no accident that this need-answer association comes to you automatically:  millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man-hours have been spent by Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's and Kimberly-Clark to make this possible.


But you don't have to be a multi-billion dollar corporation to make your name known.  Many old-school methods are losing their bite in today's changing world of communications - but there are alternatives!  These alternatives are often cheaper, but require time and savvy - that is why you want to work with me.  I have the knowledge and skill set to help you make your mark.  Together we will work through making sure your business plan is in line with your marketing campaign.  We will identify the market for your product or service and will find the best approach to reach your target economically and efficiently. 


To further promote your company with a positive image we will discover ways to make you look good.  It can be a variety of things you might not have thought of but it might be something as simple as sponsoring a ball team, charitable contributions or holding an industry conference. 


We will also share with your employees the company philosophy and the ways that they can help grow the brand we're creating.  We will engage your sales staff to be front line promoters not only of the product they're engaged to sell, but the attitude and temperament we're going to project about the company as a whole.

We can and will make your company a success.